Why Meghan Markle Wears Cheap Earrings

You'll never guess how much these Meghan Markle cheap earrings cost. And she wore them with a designer dress worth thousands?! What is Meghan thinking?
meghan markle cheap earrings

Meghan Markle matched a $6 pair of earrings with the sheer, black $10,000 Valentino dress she wore to BFF Misha Nonoo’s wedding in September. Needless to say, we’re shook.

But experts say there’s a reason behind this. In fact, they say that pairing cheap accessories with designer clothing is, without doubt, a strategic move.

meghan markle cheap earrings
Meghan and Harry and Misha Nonoo’s wedding, Photo: YouTube

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton also pairs relatively low-priced earrings with her countless designer dresses. In June, Kate donned a classic summer look wearing a $10 pair of petal drop earrings from London brand Accessorize along with a patterned, emerald $222 Sandro Paris dress.

Three months later in September, Kate dared to pair an even cheaper set of earrings with a significantly higher priced dress. Along with a $2,000 dress from Emilia Wickstead, Kate wore a $6 pair of gold-colored earrings from Accessorize to complement the dress’s pink floral pattern sprawling across its snowy white base.

meghan markle cheap earrings
Kate wearing $12 earrings, Photo: YouTube

Unlike Kate, Meghan borrowed her $6 pair of earrings from a friend who bought them at the Portobello Road Market in London—AKA the world’s largest antique market. Not only is it sweet to learn that Meghan and her friends occasionally share jewelry, but also adorable that they have the same classy, vintage tastes!

On the royal Africa tour with husband Harry and 6-month old baby Archie, Meghan also wore a pair of red $30 Madewell tassel earrings with her outfit honoring local Cape Town fashion designer Hannah Lavery. We think those red dangly earrings absolutely pop coupled with Lavery’s white Tencel shirt dress.

According to fashion expert Cécile Duclos, Meghan and Kate’s cheap earring pairings are part of a greater strategic effort to appeal to “a wide socio-economical range of people,” she told Insider.

Duclos works as an assistant accessories designer at a major UK-based fashion house which chose to remain anonymous.

meghan markle cheap earrings
Meghan wearing her $30 pair of Madewell earrings

For the duchesses, wearing high-end and up-and-coming designers demonstrate a “knowledge and support of the fashion industry” which can work favorably in their political and diplomatic endeavors, said Duclos.

On the other hand, the fashion expert told Insider that wearing affordable retail brands appeals to the general public, who may not necessarily be able to afford designer products.

We knew that our lovely Duchess of Sussex always likes her ears adorned in jewels. But we didn’t know she liked the kind of earrings that we can also get our hands on without completely emptying our wallets.

Regardless of how much their clothes and accessories may cost, our absolutely gorgeous fashionista royals are always killin’ it!

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