Why Meghan and Kate’s Styles Are so Different

Our beloved Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge have remarkably distinct styles. But what is the real reason behind the Meghan and Kate style difference?
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While the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge are both fashionable and always step out looking their best, they certainly have very different senses of style. While Meghan’s style became a little more subdued when she got engaged to Harry, even now that she’s married she still shows a trendy, modern edge and willingness to take risks. She shows her individuality through fashion. Kate, on the other hand, gravitates towards classic, timeless dresses and ensembles. There are many reasons for this, some of which directly relate to their divergent roles in the Royal Family. Let’s explore 10 reasons why the respective Meghan and Kate style are so distinct.

1. The Duchess of Cambridge will be Queen of England one day

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As a future Queen of England, Kate must always be prim and proper in every possible way. There is absolutely no latitude and she must follow the rules. Meghan, on the other hand, while still being a member of the Royal Family and having to keep rules in mind, has quite a bit more freedom in deciding what she wants to wear.