What Will Meghan & Harry Do on Their Upcoming Royal Tour in Africa?

We all know of Meghan and Harry's love for Africa through their previous travels. Look into their plans for the upcoming royal tour in Africa.
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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are known for their intense love of Africa. They journeyed there together only weeks after they first met, enjoying a romantic camping trip under the stars. But as members of the British royal family, they also have many duties to this continent of the British Commonwealth. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are heading to Africa for a royal tour in late September. What do we know about the trip and what Meghan and Harry will do? Keep reading to find out several of the things the Duke and Duchess will do on this exciting official tour.

1. The royal tour will start on September 23.

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The couple’s official visit to Africa will start on Monday, September 23 and will last until Wednesday, October 2. The duke and duchess decided to go on the tour on request of the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.