Top Meghan Markle Makeup Tutorials

We did the contouring for you and selected the top Meghan Markle makeup tutorial videos to help you achieve her classic natural look.
Photo: YouTube

We love a good makeup tutorial, especially the ones that both teach and save us money! So we did the contouring for you and selected some top Meghan Markle-inspired tutorials to help you achieve her classic natural look.

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Beauty’s Big Sister

British Beauty Blogger Daisie has been on YouTube since 2014. She says on her page, “I love to test the latest beauty products, film step by step tutorials and fun beauty routine videos.” It must work because her authentic style and approach has made her one of the most popular makeup tutorial vloggers out there.

In her Meghan Markle video tutorial, Daisie shows us how to create that classic natural look that Meghan rocked on her wedding day. Her gorgeous accent is just a bonus part of this entertaining and informative video.