Top 20 Meghan and Harry Outing Spots

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3. Norway

meghan and harry vacation
Photo: YouTube

Soon after Meghan and Harry visited Norway in January of 2017, they announced they were dating. We all know how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had an extremely romantic whirlwind dating relationship, falling head over heels from almost their first meeting. So, this trip makes sense. Why wouldn’t they want to spend some time together in a place a little out of the way from the British and American medias. They went to Tromvik, a small Norwegian town far away from any photographers. There were hardly even any shops in this secluded spot. It is thought they stayed at the exclusive Tromvik Lodge, where they likely enjoyed views of the Northern Lights. Even though Tromvik Lodge is a relatively low-key Airbnb accommodation, its prices start at $394 per night and there is generally a long waiting list of people keen to stay there.