Top 20 Meghan and Harry Outing Spots

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As royals, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have many duties. But they also have plenty of time to relax and enjoy all the best that life has to offer. And that certainly includes fabulous vacation destinations. Let’s look at 10 Meghan and Harry vacation favorites to explore and experience life, whether for “business” (royal business, that is, which is generally charity-related) or pleasure.

1. Montego Bay, Jamaica

meghan and harry vacation
Photo: YouTube

Meghan and Harry traveled to the sunny paradise of Montego Bay, Jamaica for the wedding of Tom Inksip. Tom is reported to be Harry’s best friend. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stayed at the 5-star Round Hill Hotels and Villas. This is beachfront private property not only has gorgeous ocean views and luxurious comfort, but also the level of privacy any royal could appreciate.