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Kim Kardashian Says Meghan Markle Isn’t Perfect

Kim Kardashian isn’t just studying to become a lawyer, she’s making it her civic duty to defend Meghan Markle too. Find out what she had to say.


WATCH: Meghan Markle Lends Her Voice to Every Mind Matters

Meghan Markle continues her charitable efforts with a new mental health PSA for Every Mind Matters. In the short video,

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  • October 9, 2019
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Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle-Feature

37 Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle

We found 37 early rare photos of the Duchess of Sussex that you need to see! Read more to find out what Meghan Markle was like before she met Harry.


You Need to See the Secret Message Meghan Markle Sent on Her Africa Tour

We all know the Duchess of Sussex as a fashion icon, yet on her royal tour she took a different route. You need to see the secret message Meghan Markle sent on her Africa tour through her clothing choices.

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Prince Harry Defends Meghan Markle With a Lawsuit

Enough is enough — Prince Harry defends Meghan Markle with a lawsuit against British publications. Read for details on his strong and emotional statement.

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  • October 2, 2019
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30 Ways to Get Skin Like Meghan Markle

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that the Duchess of Sussex has beautiful, glowing skin. Of


Meghan Markle Took a Photo for Michelle Obama

If you didn’t think Meghan was inspiration already, this post might change your mind. Meghan Markle took a photo for Michelle Obama, find out why.


20 Best Deleted Meghan Markle Instagram Photos

Once she started dating Prince Harry, her social accounts vanished. We did the digging and found 20 deleted Meghan Markle Instagram photos.

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Meghan Markle’s Speech in Africa Makes An Impact

Meghan Markle’s speech in Africa left an impact on locals and fans. Read all about the powerful speech’s best details here.


How Meghan Markle’s Parenting Style Differs From Kate Middleton’s

The royal couples have unquestionably different parenting styles. You need to see how Meghan Markle’s parenting style differs from Kate Middleton’s.