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Meghan Markle’s THIRD Nanny for Baby Archie is Finally a Keeper

The Duchess of Sussex went through two nannies in a series of weeks before finally finding a keeper. You need to see Meghan Markle’s third nanny.


Elton John Defends Meghan & Prince Harry On Twitter

The Sussexes received great backlash for taking a private jet on their trip to Nice. Elton John defends Meghan and Prince Harry on Twitter, you need to see this!


Meghan Markle’s Suits Audition Was Terrible- Or So She Thought

Meghan Markle’s Suits audition was terrible, or at least she thought so. You need to hear how she nearly blew her shot at the biggest role of her career.


Meghan Markle’s Birthday Cake: The Inside Scoop

Meghan Markle celebrated her 38th birthday on August 4, and we’ve got all the gossip on the cake and her reaction to it. Check it out.


Meghan Markle’s Guilty Pleasure Was Revealed in a Resurfaced Video

An old video recently resurfaced that reveals Meghan Markle’s guilty pleasure. Let’s just say the Duchess watches reality TV just like the rest of us!

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Meghan Markle Tried Sneaking Out of Her $500,000 Baby Shower

According to official documents, Meghan Markle tried sneaking out of her own baby shower. The Duchess did not want to seem eager for media attention.


Want to Exercise Like a Royal? Here’s Meghan Markle’s Favorite Workout

Have you ever wondered how royalty approaches fitness and health? Here is Meghan Markle’s favorite workout- it’s a lot simpler than you would think.


How The Queen Has Made An Extra Effort to Include Meghan

Has Queen Elizabeth made an extra effort to include Meghan in the royal family? Let’s take a look at some reasons we think this is true.


Meghan’s Old Home in LA is For Sale, You NEED to See These Pics

Meghan’s old home in LA just went on the market for $1.8 million. If you’ve ever wondered how a home fit for royalty looks, you NEED to see these pics.


Meghan Markle’s Clever Joke About How She Met Prince Harry

Meghan and Prince Harry met through a mutual friend, but the friend is unnamed. You need to hear Meghan Markle’s clever joke about how she met Prince Harry.