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Meghan Markle Tried Sneaking Out of Her $500,000 Baby Shower

According to official documents, Meghan Markle tried sneaking out of her own baby shower. The Duchess did not want to seem eager for media attention.


Meghan’s Old Home in LA is For Sale, You NEED to See These Pics

Meghan’s old home in LA just went on the market for $1.8 million. If you’ve ever wondered how a home fit for royalty looks, you NEED to see these pics.


Prince Harry Reveals How Many Children He Wants

Prince Harry reveals how many children he wants in an interview with Jane Goodall. Keep reading to see just how large the Sussex family will grow.


Are the Sussex’s Strict Home Rules Actually True?

Rumors are spreading like wildfire- are the Sussex’s strict home rules actually true? Here’s why we think this is fake news.