20 Must-See Attractions in UK for All Royal Fans

Calling all royal, travel-loving fans: this one's just for you. Check out 20 must-see attractions in UK to help create the ultimate royal fan tour.
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The city of London is to royal watchers what Disneyland is to children. No matter where you seem to go there’s something that absolutely enthralls. On that note, we’ve compiled this list of 20 Must-See Attractions in UK for all royal fans. While far from comprehensive, it will put you in touch with the history, tradition, and even scandals of your favorite family.

1. Buckingham Palace

must see attractions in uk
Photo: David Steele, Shutterstock

Yes, it’s a tourist trap and as such it’s slightly disappointing but given that it’s essentially the nerve center of royal life, it’s silly to go to London and not see it up close and personal. You can only go at certain times of year and your visit will be limited to the more public spaces (so forget running into the Queen in her robe and slippers), but just being in this historic building is an undeniable thrill. Just make sure you allow enough time to visit the multiple gift shops.