10 Mind-Blowing Royal Fashion Secrets Revealed

The royal family is under a constant spotlight. Over the years they have discovered some mind-blowing royal fashion secrets that you need to hear.
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As the women of the royal family are always under the spotlight, they have some fashion tricks up their sleeves. You need to hear these mind-blowing royal fashion secrets, they are serious game changers.

1. Buy Shoes One Size Too Big

Royal Fashion Secrets- Shoes Too Big
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While it sounds slightly counterintuitive, Meghan Markle is known for buying her heels one size above her true size. The extra space this creates prevents blisters and discomfort. Fashion expert Harriet Davey told The Sun, “celebs often go a size up, or even two, in the shoe department when they’re at an event or on the red carpet.” Although we do not have any red carpet events coming up, we will definitely keep this anti-blister trick in mind.

2. Clutches Have Many Purposes

Royal Fashion Secrets- Clutches
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In order to avoid a fashion emergency, Princess Diana would always use her clutch to shield her chest when getting out of cars. Anya Hindmarch told The Telegraph “We used to laugh when we designed what she called her ‘cleavage bags.'” Clutches are very popular within the royal family. Kate Middleton uses her clutch in order to avoid shaking hands while on a visit. We will never look at clutches the same way.

3. Dresses Won’t Fly Up With Weights

Royal Fashion Secrets- Weights
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Even the royal family has had close encounters with a “Marilyn moment.” For instance, Kate Middleton has had her dress fly up on multiple occasions. In order to avoid this unideal slip-up, the women will sometimes use clothing weights to hold their dresses and skirts down. This enables them to maintain a modest appearance, even in the windiest of places.

4. Gloves Act As Protection

Royal Fashion Secrets- Gloves
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While gloves can be used as a cute accessory to keep hands warm, the Queen uses them to serve a greater purpose. Considering the amount of hands she shakes regularly, the Queen wears gloves to keep her hands clean and avoid germs. We will definitely be breaking out our gloves this winter.

5. Combs Keep Hats in Place

royal fashion secrets- clips
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Large and fashionable hats were an essential item in Princess Diana’s wardrobe. Yet, due to the nature of such large hats to blow off or fall out of place, she used hidden combs to hold her hats in place. This simple trick will ensure your hats are never a nuisance.

6. Heels Won’t Slip in Tights

Royal Fashion Secrets- Silicone
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Have you ever experienced the annoyance of heels slipping around when worn with tights? Kate Middleton has a genius and incredibly easy fix for this. She puts silicone pads into her heels to hold her feet in place. With this trick, tights can easily be worn under heels.

7. Low Buns For Busy Days

Royal Fashion Secrets- Bun
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Meghan Markle is known for wearing her hair in a classic low bun. She often keeps the bun loose, yet this look is as efficient as it is stylish. When in a pinch, the loose nature of the low bun keeps hair from getting unwanted dents. This keeps Meghan’s hair picture perfect, even if she decides to take down her hair. On busy days, this look can take you from professional and stylish to cute waves in an instant.

8. Hair Nets To Stop Flyaways

Royal Fashion Secrets- Hair Net
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Kate Middleton is also a fan of wearing her hair in low buns. Yet, Kate typically wears her buns in a sleek and elaborate updo. Her use of hair nets keeps away messy flyaways. She is unquestionably bringing back the hair net.

9. Handbags Do More Than Hold Belongings

Royal Fashion Secrets- Bag
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The Queen uses her handbag for a genius purpose. Despite being helpful for holding belongings, the handbag can be used for communication. Queen Elizabeth uses her handbag to signal her staff. For instance, the Queen puts her handbag on top of the table if she wants to leave a dinner. This helpful trick will be a game changer at the next dinner party we attend.

10. Bodysuits Keep Things Classy

Royal Fashion Secrets- Bodysuits
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The Duchess of Sussex is very fashion-forward, yet she wears bodysuits for a reason beyond the stylish appeal. Bodysuits keep her tops in place, preventing any unwanted slipping or midriff. For instance, Meghan sported a white blouse bodysuit in her Alexander McQueen suit. We love how Meghan Markle combines modesty with style.

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