Meghan’s Realistic Post-Baby Body: She Wants to Be an Example for Moms & We Love It

Meghan's realistic post-baby body is an amazing example for new moms. Despite media pressure for unhealthy weight loss she is happily owning her body & we love it.
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The pressure of the spotlight easily encourages unhealthy weight loss and unrealistic expectations, especially for new moms. Yet, Meghan’s realistic post-baby body acts as a wonderful example for younger women. She is happy to own her body and the challenges of being a new mother. We love her even more for that!

An Amazing Role Model

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Recently, a source told Us Weekly that “It’s not easy to lose the weight, but she’s happy to be a realistic example for new mothers.” Also, The insider shared that Meghan is focusing on “adjusting to motherhood” which absolutely should be her main priority.

Meghan is reportedly “really happy.” Certainly baby Archie has left a positive mark on both Meghan and the world. An insider also disclosed to Us Weekly that “Meghan is enjoying days at home with Archie and is very much focused on family.” The Duchess of Sussex has her priorities straight.

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As a result of Archie’s birth on May 6th, Meghan has been working to keep her life relatively private. Therefore, the family chose to keep Archie’s christening private. Nonetheless, we respect that and her openness about the difficulties of adjusting to parenthood.

Fan Support and Love

Because of her willingness to do public appearances so soon after giving birth, fans praised the duchess on social media. Meghan is empowering females through showing that it’s normal and okay to experience body changes after giving birth.

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Photo: Twitter

Above all, the Duchess of Sussex is an incredibly strong female role model, and we absolutely love her post-baby confidence and openness. Meghan has handled the transition to motherhood with grace!

Meghan’s Realistic Post-Baby Body– Sources

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