Meghan’s Makeup Looks Through the Years

While Meghan Markle has always worn trendy and tasteful makeup, her looks have evolved over the years. Lets take a look at some of Meghan's makeup looks.
Photos: Youtube

Meghan Markle’s makeup always looks classy and fashionable. There’s certainly no doubt about that. But like the rest of us, her makeup preferences have changed and evolved over time. Let’s take a look at Meghan’s makeup looks through the years.

1. Natural Teenage Beauty

Meghan's Makeup Looks- Teenager
Photo: Youtube

Meghan was a bold and confident teenager who loved to embrace her natural beauty. How can we blame her? After all, she’s always been stunning.

2. Fresh, Dewy Skin

Meghan's Makeup Looks- Fresh Dewy
Photo: Youtube

When Meghan was still in the beginning of her career in 2005, she embraced a dewy fresh skin look that highlighted her youth. The light face makeup and glossy lip makes for a natural look that Meghan kills.

3. Nude Lips and Bold Eyes

Meghan's Makeup Looks
Photo: Youtube

We all remember how popular the nude, glossy lip was. Meghan, being the trendsetter she is, fully embraced this fashionable look. Pairing the nude lip with the smoky purple eye gives us a sense of nostalgia for the makeup trends of the mid-2000’s.

4. Carefree and Beachy

Meghan's Makeup Looks
Photo: Youtube

In 2010, Meghan showed off her love of the beachy bridal look. Her golden glow and relaxed vibes make us wish we were tanning on the shore right now. You probably feel like going on vacation.

5. Colorful Smoky Eye

Meghan's Makeup Looks
Photo: Youtube

Meghan tried out a colorful and very smoky addition to her stunning eyes in 2012. While the Duchess of Sussex can make just about anything look good, we think its best this smoky look stays in the mid-2000’s.

6. Pink, Pink, Pink

Meghan's Makeup Looks- Pink
Photo: Youtube

Hot pink makeup will certainly call attention! Meghan showed off hot pink lips matched to her dress in 2006. We’re not quite sure how this look would fair at a royal event, but of course Meghan still pulled it off.

7. A Classic Red Lip

Meghan's Makeup Looks
Photo: Youtube

Let’s face it: nothing says Hollywood glam like a sharp red lip. While her look is much more conservative now, Meghan sported this classic trend with her crimson lips back in 2016.

8. Back to Nude

Meghan's Makeup Looks
Photo: Youtube

Meghan demonstrated how versatile her nude lip looks can be with her revisiting of nude lips in 2018. An always timeless and classy choice, we are completely here for the nude lip.

9. Sweet, Rosy Cheeks and Dramatic Eyes

Meghan's Makeup Looks- Classy Bold
Photo: Instagram

Always mixing creativity and classic charm in her makeup looks, Meghan looked stunning with rosy cheeks, light pink lip gloss and smoky eye shadow in 2018. This is definitely a makeup look fit for a duchess.

What are your favorite Meghan Markle makeup looks? Let us know in the comments below.

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