Meghan’s Hair Over the Years

The Duchess of Sussex is well-known for her fantastic hairstyles. Let's take a look at the evolution of Meghan's hair over the years.
Photo: Youtube

9. Super Smooth With Curled Ends

Meghan's Hair- Curled Bottom
Photo: Youtube

Super smooth hair with volume at the roots and curled ends was perfect for Meghan in Suits. It seemed fitting for her confident and professional character. We can’t imagine anything more appropriate for a put-together legal professional.

10. Get that Glow Back On

Meghan's Hair- Glow
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Meghan lightened up her hair all over to a bright, light golden brown. And the texture? Supremely smooth. It even seems to sparkle.

11. Natural Color and Windblown Texture

Meghan's Hair- Chic
Photo: Youtube

Meghan was back to her natural color when she became the darling of the entire world with her engagement to Prince Harry. She also embraced a windblown texture that she pulled off with ease. 

12. Messy Bun

Meghan's Hair- Bun
Photo: Youtube

Together with the sleek blowout, the messy bun has become one of the Duchess of Sussex’s most iconic hairstyles. Everyone wants to know how she makes such an elegant style look so effortless and breezy. Meghan is unquestionably a trendsetter. 

13. Wedding Day

Meghan's Hair- Wedding
Photo: Youtube

Meghan even wore her signature messy bun for her wedding day with Prince Harry. This girl knows what she likes and does things her own way. And she proved that her relaxed style is fit for a princess. Her wedding hairdo has inspired countless brides since the royal wedding last year.

14. Always Real

Meghan's Hair- Mom
Photo: Instagram

Having a newborn baby means many things, and one of them is: no time for styled hair. And new mom Meghan is just the same as the rest of us. She keeps it real with carefree hair that still looks chic.

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