Meghan’s Hair Over the Years

The Duchess of Sussex is well-known for her fantastic hairstyles. Let's take a look at the evolution of Meghan's hair over the years.
Photo: Youtube

5. Bouncy Blowout

Meghan's Hair- College
Photo: Youtube

The Duchess sported a blowout full of bounce in college. Meghan’s always done her own thing, and she certainly lead the way with the popularity of this timelessly chic hairstyle. We’ve seen her wear this stunning style many times since then.

6. Highlighted and Tousled

Meghan's Hair- Suits
Photo: Youtube

Meghan brightened up her locks with some highlights and tousled them for a relaxed and carefree look. She was just starting on her path as an actress, and this was a great way to stand out. 

7. Kissed by the Sun

Meghan's Hair- Highlights
Photo: Youtube

Meghan added even more to the highlights, creating lots of light around her beautiful face. Always up with the trends, Meghan embraced the 90’s love of highlighted locks. 

8. Loose Waves

Meghan's Hair- Loose Curl
Photo: Shutterstock

Always in-the-know with hair fashion, Meghan showed off some loose yet elegant waves in 2014. She nailed this carefree, hip style. And this kind of laid-back hair was taking off in this period.