Meghan’s Adorable Idea for a Children’s Book

Meghan’s Adorable Idea for a Children’s Book

After just finishing up her work as a guest editor for Vogue’s highly anticipated September issue, Meghan Markle is now thinking of creating a children’s book. Our beloved, on-maternity leave Duchess just does not stop! 

If she does decide to go forth with the project, a Meghan Markle children’s book will follow those of other royal children’s book writers like Sarah Ferguson’s Budgie the Helicopter and Prince Charles’ The Old Man of Lochnagar

Unlike those her royal predecessors who have dabbled in children’s book writing, Meghan’s book will take inspiration from a part of her life she holds fairly near and dear to her heart—her pets!

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Meghan’s adorable four-legged family members

Currently, Meghan and Harry own two pups: a rescue beagle named Guy she adopted in America, whom she brought with her to the UK before her royal wedding, and a Labrador retriever—who’s yet-to-be-reported name is most definitely not Oz. (Learn more about her dogs here.)

Meghan, unfortunately, had to leave behind another rescue dog she adopted in the states. Bogart, a labrador-shepherd mix, was deemed unfit for travel to the UK by Markle’s vets in Canada due to his old age. Rest assured, Bogart is staying with one of the Duchess’s trusted friends in Toronto.

meghan markle children's book
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It is unknown whether Bogart, Guy, or her new puppy will specifically be featured in her book about rescue dogs.

The profits of Meghan’s book will likely be donated to charity. 

meghan markle children's book
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Not her first written rodeo

 Although this isn’t the first time Meghan’s name has graced the publishing world, this will be her first book of her own. According to Forbes, Meghan wrote the foreword to the charity cookbook Together: Our Community Cookbook by Clarkson Potter. The piece features several West London women affected by the tragic 2017 Grenfell Tower fire that took the lives of 27 people. 

Meghan also has openly expressed a great appreciation for children’s books. She included The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery on a list of “badass” books she read in 2016 in a post on The Tig, her lifestyle blog which shut down in 2017.

The whirlwind of hate Meghan received for her work as a guest editor on Vogue’s September issue suggests that a Meghan Markle children’s book about rescue dogs will likewise be met with similar heavy criticism. Regardless, Meghan stands tall, refusing to let bad press discourage her from pursuing projects she’s passionate about.

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