How Meghan Markle’s Parenting Style Differs From Kate Middleton’s

The royal couples have unquestionably different parenting styles. You need to see how Meghan Markle's parenting style differs from Kate Middleton's.

We love the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Cambridge, yet the couples have unquestionably different parenting styles. You need to see how Meghan Markle’s parenting style differs from Kate Middleton’s.

Family Background

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have one son together named Archie Harrison. Differently, Kate Middleton and Prince William have three children together. Two of their children are much older than baby Archie, Prince George is six and Prince Charlotte is four. Yet, Kate and Prince William have a son Prince Louis who is only one.

As Meghan and Prince Harry are much newer parents, they have less experience than Kate and Prince William. The public has been very attentive to the royal children, as both the Sussexes and the Cambridges take their children on public outings. While Meghan has not been a mother for long, it is clear her parenting style is very different from Kate’s.

Meghan’s Relaxed Approach

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Meghan has been scrutinized for many aspects of her parenting, yet she has proven to be an incredible mother to baby Archie. Despite receiving backlash for silly things such as how she held baby Archie at a tennis match, she keeps her head held high and is a great mother to him.

The Director at The Baby Show, Zoe Bonser, told that “when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex became parents for the first time the world looked on in anticipation of how they would raise the latest addition to the royal family– and, if they would copy Harry’s brother and sister-in-law, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.”

Although there is constant comparison between the two, Meghan and Harry’s relaxed personalities have impacted how baby Archie is raised. The adorable Archie has had very few public appearances, but Zoe further explains how he is being raised differently.

“The most notable [difference] is that Meghan takes a much more modern approach to parenting while Kate appears to stick to tradition. Meghan trusts in her own decisions and makes her own way when it comes to motherhood, taking influence from others outside of the royal family.”

This is not surprising, as Meghan goes off the beaten path and is breaking tradition through simply being in the royal family. We respect the Duchess for doing what she thinks is best for baby Archie, and are confident he will take after his mother and be a very strong, independent thinker.

Kate’s More Traditional Parenting

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Kate Middleton is parenting from a unique position. Her children hold high royal titles and her eldest son HRH Prince George is third in line to be king. This is a very different level of pressure and expectation, and as a result Kate raises her children in a much more traditional manner.

Zoe Bonser explained, “For instance, the children are always dressed in traditional British clothing for public appearances and Kate is happy for them to appear in photo calls.”

In general, Kate has adhered to more public royal tradition with her children. For instance, she used the classic silver cross baby stroller for her children while Meghan and Harry opted for a less traditional stroller.

Despite being more traditional, Kate still finds a way to protect her children and break some royal procedure. She posts many pictures of her children, yet also acts as the main photographer. She even took the instagram photos that were released on Prince George’s birthday on many royal social media accounts.

How Will This Impact The Children

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While Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are raising their children differently, they are both incredible mothers. It is very clear that both the Duchess of Sussex and Cambridge have great love for their children and royal positions.

Baby Archie may live a life less in the spotlight than his first cousin Prince George who is third in line for the throne, yet all the royal children are living amazing lives. We look forward to seeing baby Archie in public more as he is going to accompany his parents on their upcoming royal tour of South Africa. Also, we are hoping to see some upcoming play dates between the Cambridge children and baby Archie.

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