Meghan Markle’s Deleted Instagram — What We Miss

Meghan Markle's deleted Instagram has many fans missing out on her old content. Find out exactly what fans miss the most since Meghan becoming royal.
Photo: Instagram

While our favorite Duchess has been using her joint Instagram to promote the greater good, fans are still missing out on Meghan Markle’s deleted Instagram. There’s not a clear reason for Meghan wiping out her social media presence, but many assume it’s tied to strict royal protocol.

Updates on Meghan seem few and far between, especially with increased negativity from the media. Her new account focuses on pushing a rotating roster of charities and we love it, but there’s an apparent lack of personal updates from the royal. There’s a lot to miss from her old account, so let’s break down the deleted Instagram posts and reminiscence how good Meghan fans had it:

1. We Followed Her Fitness Regime

Photo: Instagram

Between lifestyle blog, The Tig, and Meghan’s Instagram account, fans were able to look into Meghan’s life — fitness routines included. Whether it be pilates or yoga, Meghan shared regular photos of her fitness regime for her followers. In this post, she shows off her form with longtime friend and celebrity stylist, Jessica Mulroney. One has to wonder if Meghan has the same workout routine in the middle of her busy royal schedule.