Meghan Markle’s Coolest Pre-Duchess Jobs

Ok we know she's technically a Duchess, but she had a life before that story began. Here's a recap of the Meghan Markle job history before she went royal.

Long before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle had a bunch of jobs. And, like most of us, they weren’t the most glamorous. From bit roles in TV shows to good old customer service, here’s a recap of the Meghan Markle job history before she went royal.

Humphrey Yogart

Yes, like many American students, she worked serving food to regular folks like us. But, making things more fun, Meghan worked at the punniest-named yogurt shop in Los Angeles in the mid-90s. No doubt she earned some customer service skills at this job while serving shakes, ice cream, smoothies and yogurt to the hot and hungry masses of LA.


  1. Meghan was only 13 when she worked there.
  2. This doesn’t seem legal (Don’t you have to be 15 to work at a business in California?) so there must have been some kind of family connection and a parent-signed work permit thing to make it happen.
  3. It was in the yogurt shop parking lot where she met her celebrity crush. That was Yasmine Bleeth, who starred as lifeguard Caroline Holden on Baywatch at the time.

If you’re ever in Los Angeles, Humphrey Yogart is still in Sherman Oaks but at a new location from the one Meghan worked at.