Meghan Markle’s Clever Joke About How She Met Prince Harry

Meghan and Prince Harry met through a mutual friend, but the friend is unnamed. You need to hear Meghan Markle's clever joke about how she met Prince Harry.
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It was revealed during their engagement interview that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex first met through a mutual friend. What we aren’t sure of is who that friend is. You need to hear Meghan Markle’s clever joke about how she met Prince Harry.

Phone Conversation With Jameela Jamil

Since nobody is sure who introduced the Duke and Duchess of Sussex countless names have been suggested. People from Soho House’s Markus Anderson to Misha Nonoo and Violet von Westenholz have been thrown out.

Yet, it was actress and body image campaigner Jameela Jamil who revealed a witty joke Meghan told in response to this question. The two women had a phone conversation about Jamil’s feature in Meghan’s British Vogue edition.

Meghan Markle's Clever Joke- Jameela
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The actress was chosen to write a piece on gender equality for the Vogue issue. Jameela Jamil had no idea Meghan was an editor until the Duchess tried calling her to apologize for the secrecy.

In fact, Jamil missed Meghan’s call three times. She reportedly wanted to “punch herself” after realizing who was trying to contact her. Nonetheless, Jamil and the Duchess “chatted quite openly” despite never having met.

Jameela Jamil recalled that “[Meghan] told me how important gender equality was to her.” The two women bonded over this shared cause.

A Very Witty Joke

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The conversation was also described as being “LOLs” by Jameela Jamil. Some of this humor certainly came from Meghan’s cheeky joke.

When speaking to Grazia about her phone call with the Duchess, Jameela Jamil said “[Meghan] said she loved The Good Place. I then felt immediately embarrassed that she had seen me joke about her on the show.”

Here comes the joke… don’t worry, we’ll explain it in a second if you don’t watch the show. “She said she’s grateful to Tahani for introducing her to Harry. I just replied, ‘you’re welcome’.”

On the show The Good Place Jameela plays the character Tahani. Also, a running joke on the show is Tahani’s constant name-dropping and claim that she introduced Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Will we ever learn the true identity of Meghan and Prince Harry’s matchmaker? Only time will tell.

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