30 of Meghan Markle’s Hollywood Style Inspirations

How did the fabulous Duchess of Sussex construct her personal sense of style? Discover 30 Meghan Markle style inspiration icons here.
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7. Angelina Jolie

Photo: Instagram

The gorgeous Angelina Jolie is another influence on Meghan and now that the duchess is so famous herself, the reverse might also be true. Whatever the case may be, both women have very similar senses of style and taste. They love sleek suiting and designers such as Gucci, Chloe, and Stella McCartney. Angelina and the Duchess of Sussex also share their enthusiasm for boatneck garments, strapless gowns, dresses in nude hues, and even blue dresses with -V-necks. The two are also particularly good at pulling off an all-black ensemble.