Meghan Markle Talks Gender Equality

Meghan Markle, still on her royal Africa tour, visits a university to talk about a cause near and dear to her heart: gender equality.
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Still on her Royal Africa Tour, Meghan Markle made a solo visit to the University of Johannesburg on Tuesday. Sporting an elegant Banana Republic trench dress and nude heels, this occasion marks the fourth time our beloved Duchess wore a trench-style dress in public.

But at the campus, Meghan did much more than look fabulous. She gave a small, yet impassioned speech about gender equality in education. For Meghan Markle, gender equality is an issue near and dear to her heart. “… I think higher education specifically is such a key element of growth, economic growth as well as personal growth and development,” she told her audience. The Duchess of Sussex prepped listeners for her exciting announcement: the creation of three new gender grants for the University of Johannesburg, Stellenbosch University, and the University of Western Cape .

meghan markle gender equality
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And though Meghan isn’t typically one to glance at her note cards for her speeches, she took the extra precaution before breaking the big news “…I’m very excited today—and I will use a notecard for this because my goodness, it’s the last bit I can’t screw up,” the Duchess smiled to herself, holding her notes up for her listeners to see. Meghan’s lighthearted concession was met with supportive laughter from all around the room.

The Duchess of Sussex dove further into how these new grants could further gender equality in education. “The goal here is to be able to have gender equality to be able to support women as they are working in research and higher education goals and also to be able to have workshops to convene things that are really helping people understand the importance of gender equality,” she told her audience.

meghan markle gender equality
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But the charitable opportunities didn’t end there. Meghan also introduced four new Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships that would allow students from Tanzania, Zambia, and Nigeria to study in South Africa next year.

It’s great to see that our lovely Duchess is using her royal status to doing charitable work she’s passionate about. “It’s been…incredible,” she said, “a year of really working to advocate for what is truly important and deeply meaningful to me on a personal level. “

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