Meghan Markle Fighting Scammers for Using Her Name to Promote Diet Supplements

Scammers claim Meghan Markle is using their diet supplements which are potentially dangerous and Buckingham Palace is taking a stance.

Meghan Markle is being targeted by scammers for promoting weight loss via Keto Diet Supplements. These false allegations feature transformation photos of the Royal before and after having baby Archie Mountbatten-Windsor. According to reports by The Mirror, the company used Meghan’s name and fake quotes to endorse ‘Keto Weight Loss’ pills.

A spokesperson for the Royals told the publication that actions will be taken to remove the campaign. The use of the Duchess’s name for advertising purposes in this case, is obviously illegal. Similarly, the use of fake quotes is even more concerning. A fake quote on a site called First Level Fitness says: “Post pregnancy my body had lost its shape. But, with keto body tone, I came back.”

Meghan Markle Is Not Using Diet Supplements

First Level Fitness is one among the many sites that are making false claims about Meghan’s concern with weight loss. Wrongfully, scammers are dubbing her interest in fitness and getting in shape an “obsession.” Meghan’s healthy lifestyle is not a “fixation with fitness,” but a desire to maintain optimal health. In her recent guest-edited issue of Vogue, Meghan reveals that she prefers a “high-energy, cardio-based mat workout” and even incorporates some baby yoga with Archie.

False Allegations about her “Passion Projects”

According to one site, Meghan has transformed these keto dietary supplements into her “passion project.” Another fake quote said: “All my life I’ve been passionate about taking care of my weight due to the pressures of Hollywood to stay young and look fit.”

Similarly, the allegations went as far as to claim Meghan had been involved in the production process of the dietary supplements. Another fabricated quote says, “The culmination is the launch of my all-female-owned weight loss line which combines the world’s richest and most sought after ingredients at affordable and everyday prices.”

To be clear, the only passion projects Meghan has are her charity cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook and a work apparel collection that supports unemployed women. The collection is to benefit one of her royal patronages, the charity Smart Works, which provides support for unemployed women. The cookbook contains is a 128-page cookbook featuring 55 recipes inspired by the Hubb Community Kitchen.  It’s clear, the Royal isn’t encouraging anyone to miss any meals or take on any form of dieting supplement.

Meghan Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

In 2013, she told Shape magazine how she loves green juice and Pilates, as well as following fitness guru Tracey Anderson’s DVDs and added, “I definitely try to eat as clean as possible… I avoid the things that are going to make me sluggish, but I’m also a foodie – so at the weekend all bets are off.”

Want to workout like the Duchess? WeLoveMeghanMarkle has the ins-and-outs and it doesn’t involve dietary supplements.

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