Weird Royal Rule about Diamonds Meghan & Kate Have to Follow

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Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are known for their keen sense of style, especially when it comes to jewelry. But these royal fashionistas have to follow a strange rule when it comes to wearing a particular luxury gem: diamonds.

Diamond-less ’til Sundown

Though Meghan is no stranger to following weird royal rules, we think this one is especially absurd. According to royal etiquette expert Myka Meier, the duchesses aren’t allowed to wear any diamonds before 6 PM.

meghan markle diamonds
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The rule is far more concerned with preserving the sacred royal image rather than with matters of practicality. Meier told that for royals, only “at night, the diamonds come out,” because wearing them in the daytime will come across as “flashy.”

So before the clock strikes 6 PM, it’s “metallics, gemstones, pearls, sapphires” for Meghan and Kate, according to Meier.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. Engagement rings are permissible before the 6 o’clock threshold. Likewise, only on certain “special occasions” can the duchesses disregard the strict diamond ban.

Diamonds for Days

Admittedly, the strict diamond rule stands at a bit of a shame. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle diamonds are some truly gorgeous pieces of jewelry.

In May, Harry gifted Meghan a diamond eternity ring adorned with sapphires, peridots, and emeralds—each gem representing a member of their new family. Meghan also owns another diamond eternity ring, formerly owned by Princess Diana.

meghan markle diamonds
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Kate also owns jewelry previously worn by her late mother-in-law—namely, her engagement ring. The stunning ring features a 12-carat oval faceted blue sapphire as its main jewel. Surrounding the eye-catching centerpiece are 14 solitaire diamonds set in 18K white gold.

Aside from their own remarkable jewelry pieces, the Duchesses practically have unlimited access to the royal collection. The world’s finest bejeweled accessories are at the tips of their fingers—too bad there’s a strict rule in place that keeps them from fully enjoying them.

Other Strange Rules

The diamond ban isn’t the only thing Meghan and Kate have to worry about. Meier told a number of other restricting fashion rules they have to follow.

To name a few, during the workday, the duchesses must:

  1. Always wear pantyhose.
  2. Never remove their outer layer of clothing (e.g. coats, blazers, jackets).
  3. Never expose their feet—open toe heels are strictly prohibited!
  4. Never reveal shoulders or cleavage.
  5. Always purchase items for their wardrobe—no accepting freebies.
meghan markle diamonds
Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton dressed conservatively, perfectly adhering to their list of royal fashion rules. Photo: YouTube

As limiting as this dress code may seem, it all exists for the sole purpose of upholding the level of propriety and elegance of the crown. Luckily, both duchesses have a “team of aides” constantly helping them out with their wardrobe, said Meier.

But whether its a pair of simple, yet elegant pearl earrings, or a fierce, “flashy” diamond statement necklace, Meghan and Kate can rock whatever royal rules dictate their style.

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