24 Reasons Meghan Markle’s Destiny Was to Become a Royal

What makes Meghan such a great royal? Check out our super fun list of reasons why we think it was fate.
meghan markle desiny

We are constantly amazed by the stunning beauty and poise of Duchess Meghan Markle. What makes her such a great royal? For Meghan Markle, destiny has always pointed toward the royal family! Here’s a super fun list of 24 reasons why we think Meghan was always meant to be Duchess!

1. Meghan Is Comfortable in the Spotlight

meghan markle destiny
Photo: Youtube

Meghan has a sparkling personality that makes her ideal for every sort of spotlight, including the royal one. We all admired her career as an actress, and it’s well known that she showed tireless determination in achieving her professional goals.

2. She Looks Stunning in Purple

meghan markle destiny
Photo: YouTube

Meghan looked absolutely regal when she appeared in a purple dress at the opening ceremony of the One Young World Summit at the Royal Albert Hall last month. Express reported that the duchess’s choice of dress seemed to be a signal that she is fully committed to her royal role. After all, purple is the traditional color of royalty.