Meghan Markle Changed Lives– Simply by Wearing a Pair of Jeans

Meghan Markle changed lives around the world by wearing Outland Denim jeans. See how her impact expands far beyond a boost in the denim label's sales.
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Meghan Markle changed lives around the world and created over 30 new jobs. She did this all through sporting a pair of jeans from the sustainable company Outland Denim.

The “Markle Sparkle” Makes for Big Change

The Markle Sparkle is real and in full motion for Outland Denim. This term refers to the phenomenon of clothing lines and charities blowing up after receiving the support of Meghan. Following Meghan’s public appearance in a pair of their Harriet jeans, the brand experienced a 948% increase in web traffic. Meghan wore the jeans on her Australia tour with Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle Changed Lives- Australia
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Many fashion lines benefit from the impact of Meghan Markle’s support (think Sarah Flint shoes and Club Monaco.) Yet, the effect extends far beyond sales for this denim label.

Different than Most Brands: Outland Denim

James Bartle started Outland Denim in 2011 after he talked with an anti-trafficking group at a music festival. He learned that after a woman is rescued from sex trafficking it is crucial she finds a steady career path to ensure a healthy future and recovery.

Upon learning this, Bartle and his team started the “Denim Project” through Outland. The factories for the brand were located in Cambodia, and the company developed an educational program to train vulnerable women in a specialist craft. Outland Denim gave them stable jobs and helped provide safety and support through creating the brand’s sustainable clothing.

Meghan Markle Changed Lives- Kids
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Expanding beyond Outland Denim’s mission to provide support and job stability to vulnerable women and improve the working conditions for females in the garment production industry, the brand also uses environmentally friendly materials.

The Impact Made

Through wearing these jeans, Meghan shows support for the global advancement of women and environmentally friendly business practices.

Meghan Markle Changed Lives- Outland Pic
Photo: Outland Denim

So what do these new customers and exposure mean for Outland Denim? The company has hired 46 new seamstresses in Cambodia, and has also opened a new state-of-the-art wash house. These new workers received training and support, and the wash house enabled the company to better reduce environmental waste.

Future Plans and Message

Although James Bartle wishes to continue scaling the brand, he notes this must be done at a pace that ensures the core values of the company are maintained. Additionally, he urges more people to assess the value of their clothing. “If we all had the opportunity to visit some of the places where our things are made, then how we think about those things would change,” Barton reflects.

While Meghan Markle’s clothing is unquestionably fashionable, the messages behind the garments she wears and supports are also improving our world.

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