25 Ways Meghan is Changing the World

25 Ways Meghan is Making the World a Better Place

Working diligently to effect change in the world and improve the lives of the people in it are clearly a large part of the Duchess of Sussex’s busy life as a new royal. Indeed, the young woman was already a devoted humanitarian before she even met Prince Harry, leveraging her fame as an actress on Suits to make positive change. The Duchess has stated that “This type of work feeds my soul.” Let’s take a look at 25 ways Meghan Markle is making a change in the world.

1. The Duchess of Sussex is a Strong Feminist

Meghan is Making the World a Better Place
Photo: YouTube, Access

The Duchess of Sussex is a strong feminist and resolutely supports the International Day of the Girl, advocating for girls’ and women’s education. Meghan is a determined participant in the fight against sexism and discrimination against women around the world. For the International Day of the Girl, Meghan showed a video of herself when she was just 11 years old, the age at which she wrote a letter in objection to a sexist television commercial. Meghan also declared, “Every girl has potential…She has promise. She has the right to learn, the right to be heard, the right to play and to discover. The right to be exactly who she is.” As a World Vision Ambassador in2016, the duchess helped defend women’s rights and the ability of women to reach polling stations to vote in Delhi and Mumbai.