Meghan Markle’s 30 Most Beautiful Famous Friends

Being a duchess sure has its perks! Click here to see 30 of Meghan Markle's beautiful friends.

We all know about the Duchess of Sussex’s amazing kindness and generosity, so it’s no surprise that she has lots of amazing friends who love her to bits! From actresses and models to singers and musicians, socialites and influential figures to creatives and producers, there seems no end to the interesting people in Meghan’s social orbit. And it just so happens that they’re gorgeous, too. Let’s review the Meghan Markle beautiful friends list!

1. Abigail Spencer

Meghan Markle's Famous Friends
Photo: Instagram

As if just another sign that Meghan was meant for Harry, her close friend of over 10 years, the lovely Abigail Spencer, is distantly related to the Spencer family in England and therefore Princess Diana, William, and Harry! Meghan and Abigail were co-stars on Suits. Abigail thought it was the prince who was the lucky one when he and Meghan got engaged. She was right!