Inside Meghan, Harry and Baby Archie’s Low-key Lunch

On Sunday, pub-goers spotted the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their son enjoying a low-key lunch. Meghan, Harry and their little Archie shared a £15 roast dinner at The Rose & Crown in Winkfield village, Berkshire. A businessman, 53, and his girlfriend seemed to be the only customers who noticed the Harry and Meghan pub lunch.

A Refreshing Sense of Normalcy

“They just chatted away like any normal couple and were laughing a lot,” the spectator described them to The Sun

Meanwhile, Archie’s behavior was as “good as gold,” according to the royal family’s eyewitness. The newborn was silent and peaceful as Meghan cradled him for almost all of their two-hour visit. “I didn’t hear him cry once while he was there,” the family’s onlooker noted.

harry and meghan pub lunch
Photo: YouTube

While Harry finished a couple pints of beer, Meghan opted for water.

The family of three went about unrecognized by other customers. “They were at a table with, I presume, a private secretary,” said the unnamed businessman.  Though “the staff clearly knew who they were… [they] kept the service low-key. They did indicate to me they had been there before.”

The Rose & Crown in Winkfield village is a quaint pub just five miles from the Sussex’s Frogmore cottage, in which they just recently settled in. The British pub, calling itself one “with all the trimmings” proudly takes traditional British food and adds its own continental twist, according to People Magazine

“After the controversy they have been attracting they were getting their feet back on the ground with pub grub like millions of ordinary folk — and it was nice to see,” remarked the Sussex’s observer.

harry and meghan pub lunch
Photo: YouTube

The Controversy

Recently, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received a wealthy amount of criticism for their decision to use private jets to fly to the south of France and Ibiza within the span of just a few days. Environmental conservationists and British tabloids attacked the couple for what they saw as hypocritical behavior. Last month, Harry revealed in Vogue’s September issue—that Meghan guest-edited—that two is the maximum number of children he is willing to have, for environmental reasons. 

Critics pointed out in spite of Harry’s bold comments on limiting the number of children he has for the preservation of the planet, his and Meghan’s private jet trips are a notorious source of pollution. Aviation is one of the world’s biggest sources of pollution, comprising 2% of global emissions.

Elton John, a dear friend of the couple and Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, publicly defended the Sussex’s on Twitter. The acclaimed singer-songwriter paid for the couple to fly privately “to maintain a high level of much-needed protection.”

Regardless of Meghan and Harry’s environmentally-friendly decisions, it’s nice to see that they and Archie make time to casually wind down at a local pub. 

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