Facts About Meghan and Harry’s $3.06 Million Dollar Home Renovation

They spent a ton of money on this reno. What did it all go to? We did some digging.

Speaking of Frogmore Cottage’s rich history.

12 Things Meghan's House- History
Photo: Youtube

Frogmore cottage is old, and with age comes history. The home was built in the 18th century for Queen Charlotte who was the consort of King George III. The queen used the cottage as a retreat for herself and her unmarried daughters.

Later, the Cottage was home to Abdul Karim (see image), the first Indian in the royal household and one of Queen Victoria’s closest aides. Yes, this is the same Queen Victoria who caused the name change. This is also the same duo from the Judi Dench and Ali Fazal movie, Victoria and Abdul, which came out in 2017.


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