Facts About Meghan and Harry’s $3.06 Million Dollar Home Renovation

They spent a ton of money on this reno. What did it all go to? We did some digging.

Why did they move there?

Photo: Shutterstock

As a royal, the couple’s options were pretty vast. There are a ton of royal residences across the UK (we covered them here), and if you have access to Buckingham Palace, why not stay there?

In fact, the couple’s first home was the two-bedroom Nottingham Cottage on the grounds at Kensington Palace. It was a familiar home for Prince Harry as he spent much of his childhood at Kensington with his brother, William, and their mother Diana, the late Princess of Wales.

However, as new parents, Meghan and Harry decided London was not the ideal location for their growing family. So here’s when they came to Frogmore, and made some changes.


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