Facts About Meghan and Harry’s $3.06 Million Dollar Home Renovation

They spent a ton of money on this reno. What did it all go to? We did some digging.

The Sussexes paid for some renovations out of pocket.

12 Things Meghan's House- Out of Pocket
Photo: Youtube

As mentioned, the bill didn’t go entirely to the people of the UK. While most of the renovation was funded by the total Sovereign Grant, Harry and Meghan paid for the fixtures, fittings, and decorations of their new home. A big chunk of the initial budget was used to replace faulty ceiling beams, inefficient heating systems and installing new gas and water mains.

“If a member of the royal family says, ‘We want a better kitchen than you’re prepared to provide with public money,’ then that would fall to them privately and they would have to meet the cost,” a source told People. “If they want that higher specification, they have to pay the extra.”

Wonder what the cottage DOESN’T have?


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