Facts About Meghan and Harry’s $3.06 Million Dollar Home Renovation

They spent a ton of money on this reno. What did it all go to? We did some digging.

What does it take to build a home fit for a Duke, Duchess, and an adorable baby? Meghan and Harry’s home renovation looks like a lot. The royal family spent a whopping $3.06 million dollars renovating the once dated Frogmore Cottage. Technically the home was renovated with 2.4 million pounds, which converts to the $3.06 million that everyone is talking about. And it was paid for through taxpayers’ money.

The figures were part of the release of the royal family’s accounts. This showed that the British taxpayers spent 67 million pounds ($85.2 million) on the monarchy during the years 2018 and 2019. According to accounts, this was a 41% increase on the previous financial year. This may seem crazy, but the money was spent fixing up the old property, turning the five properties back into one for the Meghan and Harry. And, in case you were curious, the couple paid for all the fancy things like fixtures and furnishings themselves.

Looking for more fun facts about Frogmore? (Sorry, we love a little alliteration.) Here are some things you probably didn’t know about Meghan and Harry’s home renovation and the money spent on its transformation.


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