How do Meghan and Harry Prepare for a Royal Tour?

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Meghan and Harry are adventurous souls who love to see and explore different parts of the world. And as high-ranking and popular royals, they are sometimes required to go on important royal tours all over the British Commonwealth. Have you ever wondered what the couple has to do to make their decisions and get ready for a Meghan and Harry royal tour? Keep on reading to find out.

Know Their Royal Duties
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Going on a royal tour demands following all the rules and protocol to a tee. When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex go on an official royal tour, everything is planned to the smallest detail and they’re required to follow the itinerary that is presented to them. It’s easy to underestimate just how intricate and precise these tours can be. The couple needs to be briefed on all the engagements they will attend and every person they are intended to meet, especially important people and leaders.