Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Honor Princess Diana on Africa Tour

The royal couple has many ways to honor their late mother-in-law on the Meghan and Harry Africa tour. See how they're paying tribute to Princess Diana!
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Our favorite royal family just touched down in Africa on Monday! And they’ve already found ways to honor their late, beloved matriarch.

Matching Attire

In a hastily taken photo, the Duke and Duchess were captured exiting their plane with Meghan cradling baby Archie in her arms. The four-month-old donned a snug white-knit hat with a festive pom-pom sprouting from the top. Not only is the headpiece an adorable look on the royal baby, but also a heartwarming tribute to his late grandmother, Princess Diana.

When Diana arrived in Scotland’s Aberdeen Airport in January 1985, she was pictured carrying a baby Prince Harry, who wore a nearly identical pom-pom hat. At the time, Harry was also 4 months old. By the looks of it, their matching hats are more than just a coincidence.

meghan and harry africa tour
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Meghan also wore a headscarf reminiscent to that of her late mother-in-law. When visiting South Africa’s first and oldest mosque, Meghan had a white traditional headscarf elegantly draped over her head and shoulders for the mosque’s engagement.

Though Meghan’s choice to wear a traditional headscarf may have not been an intentional tribute to Princess Diana, the Duchess has other ways to keep her memory alive and well. Meghan’s engagement ring, containing two diamonds from the late princess, is an example.

The two royal women’s similarities are also striking. Both Meghan and Princess Diana have a strong passion for creating social change. Not to mention, they both look stunning in their traditional headscarves.

meghan and harry africa tour
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Following in Mom’s Footsteps

The Duke of Sussex will continue to fulfill Princess Diana’s legacy on the Meghan and Harry Africa tour by visiting Angola. In 1997, the late princess visited the country to expose the detrimental effects of landmines on the environment. Diana was famously captured walking through a minefield. There, he will reconnect with The HALO Trust—a nonprofit organization dedicated to clearing mines that Princess Diana worked with over 20 years ago.

Aside from picking up where his late mother left off, Harry is also excited to bring Meghan and Archie to South Africa for the first time. In an Instagram post, he wrote “I can’t wait to introduce my wife and son to South Africa!”

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