Huge Hate Over Meghan Markle’s 60 Minutes Australia Segment

UK media is buzzing about the hateful 60 Minutes segment featuring none other than the Duchess herself. Read more about what they had to say about Meghan.
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Photo: Twitter, 60 Minutes Australia Meghan Markle’s 60 Minute Segment

As much as we love Meghan Markle, she’s not everyone’s cup-of-tea. She’s especially not Katie Hopkins’, who makes an appearance in Meghan Markle’s 60 Minutes Australia segment. Here’s how things have gone down.

This week, 60 Minutes Australia released their promo for the upcoming Sunday special featuring none other than the Duchess herself. However, the spotlight isn’t giving her the same glow Baby Archie enjoyed. And, 60 minutes Australia is receiving quite the backlash from fans for having certain famous faces on the show including Hopkins. Television presenter, Karl Stefanovic, made his grand return with this segment but has also undergone fire for the show’s decision to bring Hopkins as an expert commentator.

Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins
Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins, who claims to be the “Angry Ellen [DeGeneres]. The Biggest Bitch in Britain” has a lot of things to say about Meghan Markle and doesn’t hesitate to let her Twitter followers know. As the segment began trending, Hopkins boasted about just how much she doesn’t like the Royal.

Oddly enough, it doesn’t seem like Hopkins hates all the royals. She tweets rather lovingly about William and Kate. The big question: Why does she hate Meghan so much? Well, fans attribute her disdain for the Duchess as part of her racist agenda.

Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins
Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins

Hopkins Is a Hater

As the UK media buzzes about the 60 Minutes Australia promo video, Hopkins uses her five minutes of fame. She tweets, “I am concerned people will think this is a picture of me. My acting is WAY better than this.”

 Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins
Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins

The segment alludes to deconstructing the “abuse, lies, and scandals” surrounding the Duchess since her debut as a royal. While in other scenes of the promo, she rants about Meghan’s fashion choices, saying things like, “She’s a no one… She wears bad clothes. When did we ask for that?'”

Katie Needs to Make a #Megxit

Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins 
Meghan Markle's 60 Minutes Australia Segment
Photo: Twitter, Katie Hopkins

Luckily, fans have been coming for Meghan’s defense and continue to support her. Unfazed-Hopkins doesn’t seem bothered by the backlash she’s been receiving over her spiteful comments. One Twitter user’s witty comment about Katie is one to remember: “Meghan Markle has NOT lost her sparkle. BUT Katie Hopkins has lost movement in her face, all fashion sense, her hair products and her matching jewelry. #Katiestrophe yes #Megxit no.”

Better luck next time Katie, we STILL love Meghan Markle.

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