How ‘Suits’ Is Ending Without Meghan Markle

Before the Duchess of Sussex was a duchess, she starred on legal drama 'Suits' for seven seasons. But without her royal presence, how will the show go on?
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Before the Duchess of Sussex was, well, a duchess, she starred on legal drama Suits for seven seasons. It’s the longest-running original series on USA Network, and though the cast and crew surely miss her regal presence, the show must go on.

The ninth and final season of Suits premiered yesterday, July 17th, featuring a special shoutout for Markle’s character, Rachel Zane. Instead of renewing for a tenth season, the producers have decided to launch a spin-off show: Pearson, starring Gina Torres, who played Suits attorney Jessica Pearson.

Executive producer Aaron Korsh told USA Today: “I think Meghan knows we’d love to have her back, but with her new life — I can’t imagine the responsibilities, not to mention that she just had a baby — we thought it would be best to let her have her life.”

Though she’s no longer the star of Suits, she’s definitely the new star of the royal family. Markle invited Korsh to her royal wedding last year, along with Suits co-stars Torres, Sarah Rafferty, and Gabriel Macht.

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Markle must have been dearly missed after she left to pursue a new life in London, because her television persona Rachel Zane made a sneaky appearance in yesterday’s Suits premiere. Zane’s friend in the law firm, Donna (played by Rafferty), left her a voicemail, sharing that she and love interest Harvey Specter (played by Macht) had finally moved forward in their relationship.

This tease may have fans wondering if a comeback for Rachel — and Markle — is in store, but Korsh admits they may be disappointed. “There is always a chance [Meghan] is going to pick up the phone and call me and say, ‘Can I come back?’, and if she did she would be welcomed back with arms wide open,” he told the Digital Spy. “But no, l don’t see that happening,” he added.

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