Elton John Defends Meghan & Prince Harry On Twitter

The Sussexes received great backlash for taking a private jet on their trip to Nice. Elton John defends Meghan and Prince Harry on Twitter, you need to see this!
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After the internet blew up with news of the Sussex’s trip to Nice with baby Archie, the couple received great backlash for taking a private jet. Elton John defends Meghan and Prince Harry on Twitter for the trip. You need to see what he said.

What Sparked the Tweets

Elton John Defends Meghan- Elton
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Because Meghan and Prince Harry have taken such an outspoken stance on environmental conservation, taking a private jet seemed hypocritical to the media. Elton John took it upon himself to stand up for the couple.

Elton John was extremely close friends with Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana. His cover of “Candle in the Wind” was a tribute to Princess Diana, and he performed at her funeral. The musician offered his home in Nice to the Sussexes as a relaxing vacation getaway. Stemming from Princess Diana’s close friendship with Elton John, the royals are very close with the music icon.

The private jet that caused backlash for the royals was provided by Elton John. Because of this, he spoke out on Twitter to shut down hateful rumors. In fact, the private jet used was made carbon neutral. Essentially, the harmful carbon emissions created by the jet were “cancelled out” by supporting an effort that reduces emissions by an equal amount.

Elton John Takes The Blame

In order to clear things up, Elton John tweeted a long thread of tweets in the royal couple’s defense. He also takes responsibility for the private jet use. Check the tweets out below.

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Elton John Defends Meghan- Tweet 2
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Of all people to take to the couple’s defense, we are pleasantly surprised it is Elton John. Also, he makes a very important message in mentioning Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana.

The musician states, “I feel a profound sense of obligation to protect Harry and his family from the unnecessary press intrusion that contributed to Diana’s untimely death.” It is essential that the press realizes the potential impacts of public hate. It is positive that Elton John chose to speak out on this.

More Celebrity Support

Because the Sussexes mix in many celebrity circles, Elton John’s Tweet caused other notable figures to defend the royals. For instance, Pink and Ellen Degeneres joined in on the support.

Elton John Defends Meghan- Pink Tweet
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In Pink’s tweet, she referred to the negative media attention Meghan receives as “bullying.” She then encourages everyone to “show our children that it’s cool to be kind.”

Elton John Defends Meghan- Ellen Tweet
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Additionally, Ellen uses Twitter to defend the Sussexes. She reflects, “Imagine being attacked for everything you do, when all you’re trying to do is make the world better.” Because Meghan and Harry are so public about helping the world, it increases the judgement they receive.

While we appreciate seeing so much support for the Duke and Duchess, it could be worsening their situation.

Situation Made Worse

Elton John Defends Meghan- MegHarry
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Unfortunately, the wave of celebrity support for Meghan and Harry could have made things worse. The Sussexes have already received great scrutiny for their mixing in celebrity circles.

From Meghan’s star-studded New York baby shower to attending the Lion King Premiere in London, people question if Meghan can shift from celebrity to Duchess. The public has also complained about celebrities lecturing “normal people” on global issues.

Some people think the private jet vacation contradicts earlier statements made my Meghan and Prince Harry. For example, the couple wrote that “there is a ticking clock to protect our planet.”

The royals also stated, “with nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference.”

In the end, we appreciate seeing the public support for Meghan and Prince Harry. After all, nobody is perfect. And if we had a private jet to France offered to us, there’s a solid chance we would take it.

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