Ellen DeGeneres Fed and Held Baby Archie


We don’t know too much about baby Archie. The new royal baby has only made a handful of public appearances, courtesy of Meghan and Harry’s efforts to shield him from the limelight. But yesterday, on the Season 17 premiere of her show, host Ellen DeGeneres revealed some adorable details about her first-time meeting the four-month-old Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

While on a summer trip to Amsterdam, DeGeneres and her wife, model and actress Portia de Rossi, toured London and met up with Meghan and Harry. “It was an honor for them to meet me,” DeGeneres joked.

But that’s not all who the American talk show host got to meet. “I got to hold little Archie,” DeGeneres told her audience excitedly, “I fed…and held [him].” The comedian proceeded to demonstrate the possible ways she held the royal baby in her arms—a bit received with much laughter.

“He weighs 15 pounds, which the exchange rate is…I believe 17 dollars here [in the US],” she deadpanned, earning a laugh from audience members.

Though the host didn’t photograph her meeting with baby Archie, she claimed to have drawn a picture of him. Promptly after, DeGeneres aired a picture of a crudely drawn baby face. “He looks like Harry,” she said, comically adding how he has a “perfectly circular head.”

ellen degeneres and archie
Photo: YouTube

DeGeneres also took some air time to defend the royal couple. Lately, Meghan and Harry have been popular targets among British media and tabloids. All the hate they’ve received hasn’t sat well with DeGeneres. “I hate it,” she passionately told her viewers. “I see them get attacked and…it’s not fair.”

But DeGeneres’ kind words for the couple extended far beyond her defense. “They’re the cutest couple,” she told her audience, “…just two of the most down-to-earth, compassionate people. They’re doing so much good for the world,” she said.

The host also loosely mentioned collaborating with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on conservation efforts for African Wildlife. Meghan and Harry are supporters of protecting wild elephants in Botswana. Similarly, DeGeneres’ The Ellen Fund aims to ensure safety amidst gorillas in Rwanda.

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