10 Charities & Advocacy Organizations Meghan Markle Supports

Meghan Markle serves as the royal patron of 4 charities, but her philanthropy goes beyond that. Here are 10 charities & advocacy organizations she supports.

Myna Mahala Foundation

Charities Meghan Markle Supports- Myna Mahala Foundation
Photo: Instagram

Meghan’s work with World Vision tied in closely with her support of the Myna Mahala Foundation. The foundation manufactures sanitary pads to sell in communities where basic needs for feminine hygiene are undersupported. Her work with the Myna Mahala Foundation reaffirmed her commitment to women’s issues and the open discussion of topics such as menstruation. This commitment remains strong today. The Myna Mahala Foundation was one of seven charities Meghan and Prince Harry asked people to make donations to in lieu of sending a wedding gift