Baby Archie’s Best Clothes, Toys, and Books

Baby Archie's clothes, toys, and books are some of the best a little tyke could ask here. Read on to find out why it's good to be a royal baby!
Photo: YouTube

Toys from W.J. Daniel and Co.

baby archie's clothes
Photo: YouTube

W.J. Daniel and Co. is a toyshop in the town of Windsor and has a coveted Royal Warrant from the queen. The month Archie was born, a van from this shop was spotted at Frogmore Cottage and seemed to be making a delivery. Perhaps ordered by Harry and Meghan or a gift from Queen Elizabeth herself, the toys brought to the baby’s front door are sure to have been perfect for the little baby boy. One of the many items available at the store is a Steiff teddy bear that sells for £199. Maybe this was among the bounty brought by W.J. Daniel and Co.