Baby Archie’s Best Clothes, Toys, and Books

Baby Archie's clothes, toys, and books are some of the best a little tyke could ask here. Read on to find out why it's good to be a royal baby!
Photo: YouTube

News that the generous Duchess of Sussex had donated many of Archie’s outgrown but still beautiful baby clothes, books and toys to a South African charity during the recent royal tour sparked special interest in the little boy’s apparel and objects of amusement. Let’s take a look at some of baby Archie’s clothes, fun toys, and educational books, both ones that he has enjoyed in the past and others he owns to this day.

“The Future” Bodysuit from Mère Soeur

baby archie's clothes
Photo: Instagram

This tiny white bodysuit (or “babygrow” as it is called in the U.K.) is emblazoned with the words “The Future.” The founder of the Mère Soeur brand, Carrie Anne, was thrilled to see Meghan holding up the now outgrown baby bodysuit when donating it in South Africa. Once a picture of Meghan holding the bodysuit was published in the media, Carrie Anne mused “That vest has had a bit of a journey since it left my door and it’s wonderful to know it’ll be re-loved.” This cute baby outfit is available for only £12.