All Royal Residences Across the UK

The royal family lineage is long, and so is their list of properties. Check out all the royal residences across the United Kingdom.
all royal residences

The Royal family is not to be taken lightly – they have 20 castles, manors, and cottages under their ownership after all. Queen Elizabeth has control over the Crown Estate properties during the length of her reign, receiving 25% of their revenue to back her activities and pay for property maintenance.

She can’t sell Crown Estate Properties, but with her personal properties, she likes to keep her family involved by gifting them with one. The royals are quite spread out around the UK in various royal residences, it’s pretty to hard to keep up.

Lucky for us royal fans, Quid Corner has done all the work for us. QuickQuid’s personal finance blog has compiled a list of all royal residences across the UK and created these really cool illustrated versions of them. We decided to juxtapose their art with images of the actual locations so you get a full picture. Keep reading to find out where your favorite royals call home.

1. Balmoral Castle

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh reside in this private property. It consists of more than 50,000 acres of land, including a 100-feet-tall eastern tower.

All Royal Residences
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