6 Ways to Stay Connected with Meghan Markle

It's hard to stay connected to Meghan Markle, but these sources will help keep you up to date on all things Meghan Markle.
Image: YouTube

While we do love seeing her shine as a royal, it’s pretty hard to stay connected to Meghan Markle. After shutting down her personal social media accounts and lifestyle blog, The Tig, fans have had to put in more work than ever to keep up with their favorite Duchess. Lucky for you, we have compiled a collection of sources you should be following to keep you updated on all things Meghan Markle.

After checking out WeLoveMeghanMarkle on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, of course.

1. The official Instagram: @sussexroyal

Photo: Instagram

The Duke and Duchess opened the joint Instagram account back in April and it’s been the closest thing we could get to a personal account from Meghan. The Instagram is a must-follow for keeping up with the couple, from promotions of the charities they are working with to updates of baby Archie.