5 Makeup Steps to Get Meghan Markle’s Perfect Brows

It's no question our favorite royal has flawless brows. See the latest Meghan Markle eyebrows makeup tips from her personal makeup artist himself.
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Meghan Markle has her fair share of flawless features—her eyebrows undoubtedly included. Lucky for us, Meghan’s longtime friend and personal makeup artist Daniel Martin recently revealed on ITV’s Lorraine the secret behind Meghan’s full, shapely brows. Here’s how to cop our beloved Duchess of Sussex’s lovely brow look.

1. Let Go of Perfect Symmetry

meghan markle eyebrows makeup
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Martin, who did Meghan’s makeup on her wedding day, stressed the importance of treating eyebrows as “sisters, not twins.”

Achieving perfect symmetry isn’t necessarily the end goal when it comes to touching up your brows. Rather, eyebrows are meant to frame the face. Sculpting and filling in your brows definitely enhances your overall look. Perfection isn’t symmetry—it’s rocking what you got!

2. Brow Gel

meghan markle eyebrows makeup
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Martin has a few tricks up his sleeve, and his brow gel technique is blowing our minds.

To give your brows more volume, Martin suggested running the brush of a brow gel wand against the hair growth, “fluffing” the hair in the opposite direction. After letting the freshly ruffled brows sit for a few seconds, go back and run the brush through the hair, but this time in the direction it’s growing.

This will make your brows look fuller, much like Meghan Markle’s bold arches.

Though Martin didn’t endorse a specific brow gel brand, budget-friendly brow gel isn’t hard to come buy. Check out NYX’s brow gel for under $10.

3. Fill and Shape

meghan markle eyebrows makeup
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According to Martin, filling in brows is all about recreating what’s been lost. “As we age, we tend to lose our eyebrows a bit,” he said. So to combat such loss, Martin stressed focusing on restoring your eyebrows’ structure and fullness.

Martin’s brow gel technique can certainly help with that. But there are still other Meghan Markle eyebrows makeup tips out there to get your brows looking as fly as our favorite royal.

4. Eyeshadow

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Martin also advised Lorraine viewers to not only touch up their brows but also the area surrounding them to make them pop.

Specifically, Martin suggested using eyeshadow a shade lighter than your skin tone under the brow. This will help achieve a “fuller” look, he said.

A neutral eyeshadow palette is bound to do the trick. This one by NYX is less than $15 and comes with a nice variety of shades to pick from.

Doing this will surely help you achieve Meghan’s sculpted, sexy brow look for a fun night out!

5. Hairspray

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But what’s the point of putting in all this effort into filling and sculpting the perfect pair of brows if they won’t last the night?

Martin has a solution for that: hairspray!

To secure that final look, take a mascara spoolie and spray it with hairspray. Then, run the brush over your hair to set your brows for the day.

For ultimate eyebrow security, check out this L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray with extra strong hold.

Follow all these steps and your brows will look just as flawless as our favorite royal’s!

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