5 Celebrities Supporting Meghan Markle’s Lawsuit

Bad press has plagued the Sussexes for too long. See celebrities defend Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in their recent efforts to fight British tabloids.

Our beloved Duchess of Sussex has loads of famous friends. From all the bad press she’s received, it seems celebrities defend Meghan Markle constantly. On Tuesday, a few of the Sussexes’ more famous fans took to Twitter to support their favorite royal couple as they face backlash they announced their decision to take legal action against slanderous British tabloids.

Last week, Prince Harry released a statement on sussexofficial.uk that together, he and Meghan are taking legal action against Associated Newspapers, owner of Mail on Sunday, for unlawfully publishing one of the Duchess’s private letters to her father. By “strategically omitting select paragraphs, specific sentences, and even singular words,” British media weaponized her letter to viciously attack Meghan for misdeeds she hadn’t done, Prince Harry’s statement read.

As news of Prince Harry’s announcement broke on Twitter, famous media and entertainment figures tweeted their well wishes for the royal couple. Here’s a list of a few that did.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

celebrities defend meghan
Photo: Twitter

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who recently met the royal couple in person — and got to hold baby Archie — tweeted a few sweet, yet empowering words about Meghan and Harry’s decision to seek justice for the damage Mail on Sunday has done. “I’m proud to call Meghan and Harry friends, and I’m even more proud of them for finally saying enough is enough,” the host tweeted. We’re proud too, Ellen!