37 Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle

We found 37 early rare photos of the Duchess of Sussex that you need to see! Read more to find out what Meghan Markle was like before she met Harry.
Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle-Feature
Photo: YouTube

9. Intelligent and outspoken.

Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle
Photo: TrendChaser
Photo: TrendChaser

When she was just 12 years old, Meghan Markle took exception to the sexism she witnessed in a television commercial and wrote letters that ultimately led to the commercial being changed. It was an ad for Ivory dishwashing soap that declared “women all over America are fighting greasy pots and pans.” Megan knew right away how sexist this was, as it gave the impression that only women should wash dishes. She wrote to Procter & Gamble (the manufacturer), the First Lady at the time, Hilary Clinton, as well as civil rights lawyer Gloria Allred and Linda Ellerbee, the Nick News anchor. Ellerbee was so impressed by her letter that she included Meghan in a segment of her news program on Nickelodeon. Meghan mentioned all of this in a speech she made at the UN in 2015.