37 Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle

We found 37 early rare photos of the Duchess of Sussex that you need to see! Read more to find out what Meghan Markle was like before she met Harry.
Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle-Feature
Photo: YouTube

Meghan Markle has undoubtedly become a global sensation since her engagement and marriage to Prince Harry. Everyone admires her style, beauty, and dedication to social causes. You’re probably eager to learn more about her, and let’s face it, there are few things that can give you as much insight into someone’s experiences as pictures from their childhood and teenage years. Let’s enjoy a fun exploration of 37 early rare photos of the Meghan Markle.

1. Sitting on her half-sister’s lap.

Early Rare Photos of Meghan Markle
Photo: TrendChaser
Photo: TrendChaser

Here’s an adorable picture of baby Meghan sitting on the lap of her half-sister, Samantha. While the relationship between the two has been frayed recently, we can see they at least spent some good times together when Meg was small.