FOR SALE: Insanely Cool Pieces of Royal Memorabilia

Are you the ultimate Meghan Markle fan, or want to feel a sense of belonging to the royal family? Check out these 30 pieces of royal memorabilia.
Photo: YouTube

20. Christmas Hamper

Photo: Royal Collection Shop

We love the English tradition of packing up a big hamper for a picnic and this one from the official royal gift shop has everything from Queen Elizabeth II mugs to marmalade to mince pies. Now all you need is a trip to the Highlands!

21. Vintage Coronation Calendar

Photo: Ebay

Although it was originally issued to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 1953 coronation, this is a perpetual calendar so you can still use it today. The kind of rare piece most collectors would kill for, this would make an amazing addition to any collection.

22. Signed 1991 Christmas Card

Photo: Ebay

This 1991 Christmas card signed by a pre-divorce Charles and Diana is a reminder of a very different time in the life of the royals. Given the brevity of their marriage, there aren’t many of these out there in the universe.

23. Vintage Victoria Coronation Plate

Photo: Ebay

Considering just how long ago Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee took place, not to mention the fact that she would hold the record of longest reigning monarch for over 100 years after, this commemorative plate has many special meanings. As Queen Victoria memorabilia is considerably rarer than it is for modern royals, this is a truly special piece.

What about coronation toys? Yeah, we found those, too (even if they are kind of creepy…)