FOR SALE: Insanely Cool Pieces of Royal Memorabilia

Are you the ultimate Meghan Markle fan, or want to feel a sense of belonging to the royal family? Check out these 30 pieces of royal memorabilia.
Photo: YouTube

11. Meghan and Harry Bobblehead

Photo: Amazon

It’s become a true mark of fame to have your own bobblehead so it’s no surprise that the Duke and Duchess have been immortalized in this way. This one brings back happy memories of the day they announced their engagement.

12. Meghan and Harry Socks

Photo: Amazon

Need a super-silly stocking stuffer? These Harry and Meghan socks are perfect! You can even pretend to make them smooch if you cross your ankles!

13. More Meghan and Harry Socks

Photo: Amazon

With a slightly more accurate, serious rendering of the Duke and Duchess, these socks are the “high” version of royal footwear.

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