FOR SALE: Insanely Cool Pieces of Royal Memorabilia

Are you the ultimate Meghan Markle fan, or want to feel a sense of belonging to the royal family? Check out these 30 pieces of royal memorabilia.
Photo: YouTube

Collecting royal memorabilia is a tradition as old as curtsies and afternoon tea and if you really want to make a royal watcher happy, there is no better holiday gift. From the ridiculous to the sublime, from new merch to rare classics, here are 30 Insanely Cool Pieces of Royal Memorabilia.

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1. Crochet Harry and Meghan

Photo: Etsy

We can only imagine the hours of painstaking work that went into this crochet version of Harry and Meghan! Even their little coats are even removable! At just under $72, these handmade dolls are a bargain!

Feeling spiritual? The royals can help with this cool item…